Interested In Becoming A JTDC Member?

The first step in becoming a member is to attend one of our meetings!  Generally, meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 PM.  Currently, meetings are held via ZOOM.  If interested, contact Lorene Taylor at to obtain a link to the meeting.  (Note:  Please check our online calendar to confirm a meeting will be held during the month in question.)

For more information about the Jupiter Tequesta Dog Club, check out our Facebook Page and Instagram Page! 


JTDC Annual Membership Renewal 

Recently the Board and General Membership voted to increase dues.  The increase was considered due to the lack of revenue from the pandemic and the expense to repair the adjacent yard at our clubhouse.


Single Membership  - $40.00

Household Membership - $45.00 (Two members in the same household)
Associate Membership - $20.00 (Cannot vote or be eligible for key card)
Lifetime Members  - No Dues


Existing Members Renewing Need To Do The Following:


1.  Click on the above red button to update your member information even if there have been no changes since our last request. .  This form also contains a routine Release of Liability form for activities related to JTDC.  It is IMPORTANT that we have both your current information and Release on file.  (This information is for JTDC use only and not available to the public.)




2.  Pay your annual Membership dues.  Membership renewal dues must be made with either a check or money order.  Please make your checks payable to "Jupiter Tequesta Dog Club Inc." 


Send your dues to:

P.O. Box 304
Jupiter, FL 33468-0304

Annual Dues are to be received by no later than April 15th, 2021.

If you have a key card and your dues are not received by this date, your key card will be suspended.


Please note that no reminders will be mailed.  This is the only notice you will receive.